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Restaurant Grade Charcoal Offer Delivered To Your Door Til 9/4


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I have used this charcoal from Coals2U and in the main have been very happy with it, I know some people have had indifferent results on quality on occasions though. But if self isolating and not able to go out, they have a 25% offer on at the moment with free delivery on orders over £30



Works out £9.74 a 12kg bag with code. Delivered by the local coalman in my case and I usually receive it within 7 days of ordering.

They also sell the twizzler firelighters if you need just 3 bags to take the order over £30

Not much in the way of briquettes but they do sell the Supagrill stuff with 25% off and is delivered to your also.







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Used it loads in the past - great size for long cooks. But! The last 3 bags I had from them was full of tiny pieces, absolutely useless and even troublesome for use on the kettle for general cooking.

Hopefully they've pulled their finger out.

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Thanks Tabs,

I am still in the 'testing different lumpwoods' stage so I think i might give em a try.

My last bag was ebc lumpwood which was full of huge chunks with hardly any dust/bits which was great. Only thing was it seemed to produce quite alot of ash and not last as long as others I have tried. So I still want to test other ones before settling down🙂

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