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Offset smokers


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An Oklahoma Joe would be my personal choice if & when i invest in an offset.

It appears robust enough to withstand the damp UK weather without having to go to the cost of a commercial unit & it's leaps & bounds ahead of the typical garden centre fare.

I'd budget to spend circa £400 on the smokers & then another £100 on upgrades to get it where it needs to be. sealing joints, glass rope for the doors etc, 


Cheers n Gone Nick


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If your in no hurry to buy yet and have the time on the 6th June there's a demo of the Catus Jack at the Midland Tailgate. 

Oliver from ProSmokebbq in Banbury is the guy to talk to about the Oklahoma Joe, the thickness of the metal was reduced in the building on the smokers when the name was sold.

I think I'm correct that the Catus Jack is made from thicker grade steel like the older versions of the Joe....



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I purchased a Cosmo grill from Amazon, it was on offer for £260.00 so I took a leap of faith. Its gone up in price now but look out for offers.

I was very impressed when it arrived, very heavy (90Kg) with thick steel. Build quality was much better than anything I had seen in local shops.


Upgrades I've made;

1) Added 2 new thermometers at grate level.

2) Smoke seal tape on the cooking chamber and the fire box.

3) Drilled a hole into the bottom to release fat and water.

4) Charcoal basket - Bent from some perforated metal sheet.

5) Extended the chimney internally with some aluminium duct down to grate level.

Possible future upgrades.

6) Rubber tyres to make moving it across rough patio stabs easier.

7) Externally lower the chimney down so it is at grate level.










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