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Grinder problems.


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I have one of these, had it now for a couple of years.  It's a generic made one, somewhere in the far east.  You see them for sale with loads of Brand names on,  they are crap IMHO.  It may be ok for grinding nuts, bread or something along these lines, but cold pork & fat no way.....I gave up on it yesterday halfway through a session making sausages.
I was just about to vac-pack what I had got to mince with what was left and vac & freeze for another day when my little lady suggested trying the Magimix blender.

I stifled  a chuckle, thought better of it and said "ok let's give her a go"
I was amazed it worked a whole lot better than the crap grinder.

I managed to get it all  finished, dropped a small pattie in the frying pan to try for taste, brilliant,  the sausages are now in the fridge, will be vac & freezed later.  

If anyone want to buy the crap grinder offers to me....🤣😎....I'm off to find a LEM if possible 🤞






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On 12/2/2019 at 8:01 AM, Icefever said:

I'm off to find a LEM if possible 🤞

"Possible" is the main stumbling block in this search,  plenty in the old US of A...for 200 dollars but then they add 180 dollars P&P.  🙄
I've found the #8 on Amazon here just to be told "it's unavailable" I've tried secondhand catering firms but all to no avail. Never mind I'm in no mad rush, who knows  old Santa may send me one??



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You guys may know this, that reviews are not what they seem? heaven forbid. I want to replace my crappy one so have been doing a quest to find one that fits my piggy bank, but will still do a great job.

I've given up on buying a LEM, trying to find one in the UK is nigh on impossible.  You can buy in the USA, that's if you want to add up to £50 P&P then another £75/£80 import tax, not forgetting that they run on 110v..

Back to the reviews,  I've shortlisted this grinder..https://www.amazon.co.uk/MosaicAL-Electric-Stainless-Commercial-Industrial/dp/B07DN71R32/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 so I decided to take a sceptical look at the reviews on this model. Most gave 5 stars, with a couple of 3's, followed by a 1. Reading most if not all of them, I got to reading the 1 star I thought bugger that for a game of tiddlywinks.

Back to the search, staying with the same make but different model again I start to read the reviews,  they are the same?? how can that be? it's a different machine?.
By having another Amazon tab alongside each other and flipping too & fro, it turns out that they are the same...but, (there's always a "but") a light at the end of the tunnel I thought !!,  and it ain't some twat coming the other way with a torch. 😊

These reviews are all  lumped together, the 1-star problem was with the first model that I would have gone for and not this model...read just the ones for this machine and it seems like it may fit the bank??  piggy whare are you?? 😈


Digging deeper look like it's a used item and tracked the seller and they live in CZ

  • Business Name:shanghaidezhuanxinxijishuyouxiangongsi
  • Business Type:Ltd
  • Trade Register Number:91310230MA1JYDGB9L
  • VAT Number:GB291156305
  • Business Address:
    • chongmingqusanxingzhenhonghaigonglu
    • 4588hao4haolou321-3shi
    • Jenec
    • Jenec
    • 25261
    • CZ

Ice. 🤬

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