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Reusable Bags for Sous Vide?


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Having just dug my sous vide wand out of the cupboard to cook a nice big lump of brisket, I was wondering about reusable bags for the sous vide as I'd like to be able to move away from the single use vacuum bags I currently use - partially for being more ecologically minded but mainly as it I think it would encourage me to use the sous vide more often. I've done a bit of reading up seen a few options but wondered if anyone has any experience or recommendations of any reusable bags?



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I would recommend using ones that are strong and are able to transport food safely....that way you can send me some of that brisket once its done!😋😜👍

Sous vide is something I have not tried sorry. Would be good to see some photo's of the process if thats ok?

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