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Using a (working) fridge for cold smoking.


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Hi all

so a bit of a lurker . Flit between various hobbies and obsessions and never have enough time to do anything properly!

I have been cold smoking for a few years ( knew of Wade from other forums  and teased him with talk of my uuni !) but want to try and up my game.

I have a simple wooden chamber with remote fire box set up bought from ebay several years ago but it is now past its best and not really big enough.

Since i struggle with time etc and end up tying to smoke in the summer  i really struggle with the tempratures.

So I had this idea of using a fridge as a smoking chamber and started investigating ( or rather googling) and i have come up with loads of obstacles but they all seem to be fairly easy to cure . the problem is that the threads always go off on tangents and lose the plot.

So I was wondering if i could ramble on with some thoughts and see if i am heading on the right track?


1st problem - plastic insulation could cause problems with heat causing toxic release

the firebox will be remote so there should be very little heat, the fridge will be cooling.

buy a industrial fridge or drinks cooler  (stainless steel interior)


2nd problem the smoke wont rise due to the fridge being cold

have  the smoke come in at the top and have a (variable) extraction fan to move the smoke through

some how "hack the thermostat " so that the fridge isn't fridge cold but cool


That seems to be the 2 main problems.

Can you think of any more and do you think my solutions are viable?


many thanks in advance

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