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New Smokery starting up in Orchard View Farm - Aylesbury


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Last week I was meeting family at Orchard View Farm on Aylesbury (HP17 9UG) and I noticed that work was under way on a new building. We have visited there priodically over the past 3 years and it has been encouraging to see the onging development of their camping and glamping facilities and services. This time there was a lovely smell of smoke and BBQ meat eminating from a large reverse-flow smoker that was standing in the new smokery construction area. Being more than a little curious I asked about what was being smoked and got talking to James (the owner of Orchard Farm View) and Sam (their resident chef).

Having spent some time in the USA James fell in love with American BBQ (doesn't that sound familliar!) and so he decided to add American BBQ to the food that is already available at the Orchard View Farm centre.  


The brisket I could smell was one of their first test cooks in their recently completed smoker and James explained that its big brother was already under construction. The Smokehouse is expected to be complete soon and will include full smoking, grilling and oven cooking facilities. I didnt get to taste the brisket as it still had a while to cook, however talking with James and Sam they are already preparing their full BBQ menu which will include brisket, pulled pork, ribs and links.

What they are doing is fantastic and I look forward to returning in a couple of months to sample their food. If you get a chance to visit and support them I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.


With its fairly central location and the camping/glamping/pods on site, Orchard View Farm could well be a good venue for a national smokers weekend - should there be sufficient demand from the forum. 



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I will like to join in for this. I would arrange but not convinced enough interest? I am already arranging a beer and bbq event for 16/17 sept at Willomere camp site where used to have the spring tailgate. I have some of my brewing colleagues going who ao like to bbq. We are hoping to have a mini beer festival with good food

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