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beef pot roast question


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Sup All,


I got 5 lbs of really really nice Chuck from wildfork so I think I am gonna do a pot roast this week instead of ends. I usually crock pot my pot roasts but I wanna try smoking the chuck this time. So I am gonna do the carrots and potatoes in my crock pot as usual with pot roast seasoning and beef broth carrots potatoes and an onion. I' am gonna smoke my meat. Should I do anything different or just do like a poor mans brisket? Any red wine or just spg and some beef broth and butter on the wrap?

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8 hours ago, AdamG said:

Would it be possible to do it in a similar way to the 'over the top chilli con carne'? Smoke the chuck with the crock pot (if it can go in the grill) catching the drippings

Yes, you could very easily do that. I personally don't like my veggies on the grill but it's only a preference. Using a big ci pan, foil pan or something you could very easily do that. It's basically just a container and heat same as a crock pot or oven cook.

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