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Gammon cure

Steve Harford

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Hi all

I’ve just picked up a side of pork from a proper free range bacon pig. Separated into belly and back and bones out. Now at the end of the loin is a nice meaty piece which the butcher pointed out as ‘a nice gammon’. I liked the sound of that so he cut it off to be treated separately to the bacon. I’m assuming I wet brine it as you would a normal ham?  Then I plan to do boiling bacon with it. As I am going away for 2 weeks this Friday, can I wet brine it and leave it for what will effectively be 3 weeks before drying off. My concern is that i won’t be there to stir up the brine occasionally. The other option is that I freeze it until after the holiday. Either way, a pointer to a suitable brine would be much appreciated. Many thanks 

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