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Short Ribs on the Summit


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Bought some beef ribs from Cheerbrook Farm Shop, Nantwich last weekend. Rubbed with Holy Gospel and smoked with Pecan and applewood. Wrapped just before 4pm. BBQ Guru held some good temps. Cooked the ribs to 96, ambient temperature set at 107. Ate two of the ribs and made a chilli with the other two.




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5 hours ago, Icefever said:

Not done beef ribs for a while now, seem to stick with pork,  I'll have to see what I can do, will talk to Dave our butcher.....they do look mouth watering good.


Cheers, I did also cook some Tandoori spare rib joints and chicken. Hopefully I won’t get pulled up for putting these pics within a beef thread.




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20 minutes ago, Icefever said:

Shouldn't think so David, we're easy come, easy go on here. nice looing Tandoori any more photos/info on it.


This is the recipe I use for my Tandoori. At first when making the marinade it doesn’t seem like there is enough but it is the perfect amount. Marinade recipes I have used in the past ask for a lot more yoghurt which just fall of the with intense heat of the Tandoor. The marinade clings very well. Also for the chilli powder I use half a teaspoon of Kashmiri and half a teaspoon of extra hot chilli powder as we both like heat here.  I also use a bit more lemon juice as the acid firms up the meat a little bit more during marination, I  also marinade over night. I tend to put in half the amount of salt, you can always add it after cooking if needed. The recipe is from Praveen - The Spice Queen. 


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