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Ham hocks today.


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Today I are will be mostly eating Ham Hocks!!


Building up the fire with Weber charcoal and oak chunks


Like my charcoal ring ? Got fed up building snake, now I can just pour the charcoal in.



Baffle in place instead of water pan. Leaves loads of room to mess with fire if need be.


3 fat Ham Hocks that have been marinating in a bucket of cola all night and and then rubbed over with a little spice mix.

Thats it for around 5 hours.

Gonna do some pot beans too.


Few hours in and the beans are in.3E1025A3-6BA6-447A-BC64-896C582FD796.thumb.jpeg.5a5917945492cdaf3b9dad605a48376d.jpeg

job done, took a little longer, but you can’t rush perfection.

No crackling, as expected due to the cola soak, another few hours then, maybe.

Youngest (19) is on an Asian food fetish at the moment and is up for the soft skin thing 🤷‍♂️

Got a short while to bake the glaze in and to cook the sausages for my oldest (23) who doesn’t like proper food, only bbq he’ll eat is supermarket sausage chicken or burgers 😩🤷‍♂️



Beans, nom 

Scoff time 



Until next time. 


final edit... Rodent approval 

Edited by Sluggy
Added final pics
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