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Hi Shaun and welcome to the forum.

The Weber is a great all-rounder and you will be able to smoke some good meat on it. What have you tried to cook so far? Have you tried smoking anything yet or have you only used it for grilling so far? 

What are you wanting to try to smoke first? We can help get you going in the right direction.

In addition to the Weber you should consider investing in a twin probe digital thermometer so hat you can monitor the temperature of the meat and the cooking chamber whilst it is smoking. The Inkbird is a good entry level thermometer that will do the job.


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Welcome abroad Shaun and thank you for joining group. Certainly we can help you. read through the forums and ask questions as you need.  In the first instance look up minion method for how to slow cook and  hot smoke meat such as brisket for a long time.  I am Weber  user to with a kettle and a smokey mountain.  I will also be arranging an Anglia tailgate time so hope you can do something like that and come join us for inspiration and practice. It is great fin, I wen the Woodsmoke 18 this year and it was super

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