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Bourbon & Tamari Soy Sauce Marinated Steak


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Cooked this using the chimney starter afterburner method. Marinade works really well and something will use in the future again.on all different sorts of cuts of steak, not just this one. 

Recipe got from here

I managed to source a piece of flank steak, but believe a brevet steak is the same. Marinated for 8 hours and it goes a deep dark red.




Cooked for just under 4 minutes each side. A little longer than rib-eye or Sirloin, but it is a slightly tougher piece of steak than those sort of cuts and needs a bit longer on the cook. The marinade gave it a nice charred finish to it, after cooking.

Excuse the slicing of the meat, going to take some practice to cut at 45 degree angle against the grain. 😀



Great flavour from the tamari soy, first time I have used it and my understanding, it is less salty and wheat free than usual soy sauce. Definitely glad i sourced it and will switch to this in future in general,, as I preferred the flavour of it


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Did some of sirloins and rib-eye steaks  on the afterburner and marinated them with the bourbon and soy recipe above. Worked just as well as it did on the flank steak. Never marinated steak before this and it adds so much flavour to a piece of steak. Any other recommendations for a non spicy marinade for steak, please post. Can't see me ever going back to a plain piece of steak again.

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Picked up this 500g 21 day aged Sirloin steak with bone in today, so thought I would give it ago on the afterburner. Lovely to see the fat and marrow bubble out of the bone with the intense heat. Cooked rare and tasted lovely

After 7 hours in the marinade, before going on the afterburner



2 minutes either side as thickest one cooked yet on afterburner



Sliced & Ready to serve after standing for 5 minutes



Apologies if you don't like it rare and red meat puts you off.

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