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Have seen loads of posts on different sites, with reduced items in different stores. Today I was in The Range in Basildon, and instead of reducing items , they were putting all the items on a pallet ready to be returned, god knows where.

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Not one for the purists, but popped into Homebase today, and they have their version of the Weber 47, for £29.99.

I know it's not a Weber, but for that price, it would be a good back up/starter unit or good for extra capacity at the WoodSmoke Forum National Smokers Weekend.

Might get one, as I do not have this type of smoker, and they are certainly easier to transport to The National!

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That's a good plan I think, get to grips with how it all works then make it more advanced! :)

I'm waiting for my Q Master Lite to make an appearance, which I also want to use with my non-weber kettle. My initial thinking was a metal plate to slide in place of the ash catcher with the fan below but of course that would result in blowing ash everywhere... I'm still thinking the same input location as I don't really want to drill great big holes in the thing but with some sort of metal ducting to stop ash dropping down onto the fan and to direct the air in the direction of the coals...

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As mentioned above, managed to get two Jumbuck 57cm, which I will be using at The National Smokers Weekend, dates etc to follow shortly.

I also managed to pick up a Cowboy Stove after much searching and a tip off that a store had two left. Cost 34.99 reduced from 109.00



Had a quick play with it, sealed up some gaps etc and it's not bad..

Can see this coming to the Smokers weekend as well, Corned Beef might be back on the menu, along with Brisket Chilli.

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