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James Hocking

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No Heston :( he was meant to be there last year but had a car crash a few days before! 


Brilliant day though! Very basic cooking, but some great information to take back to the store. 


Lots of people think that it’s just a name, but the fat duck group and chefs are brilliant and have all worked on the range to ensure they do exactly what they’re meant to! They all vigorously test them months in advance of them hitting shelves.

The 4K is one to watch! I thought it was just a smoker but actually it’s a rival to the big green eggs and kamado joes! 

The vent system is simple and easy to use, just one on he body and one on the Lid.

the built in digital thermometer has 2 fixed internal probes and then 4 to be used at grill level or in food. All hooks up to the Everdure app. And eventually will work like the Weber app where you can upload recipes and it will track the cook according to the recipe. 

Out of the box it includes a pizza stone, warming rack, charcoal tings, half moon griddle and cover. So you don’t really need to spend more on extra accessories. 

AND!!!! I won a cube bbq!!! 




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First cook today! 

Salt n pepper steak with peppers! (A couple of the peppers ended up dirty cooked)



And desert! Bacon wrapped bananas! 8ED1A23F-0D4D-475C-9FE4-CB45A7E69AD7.thumb.jpeg.3e8f6b8e47dea3803fad4aec3659fe3e.jpegA213A0E8-C5BB-4D81-8701-2AFAFE0F8593.thumb.jpeg.55d2b9a70f654903874136fbd5ce6ae9.jpeg89C1C70E-E00E-4EDE-97BE-EB3C544E2AB0.thumb.jpeg.d395d54358b9c67480bcc674ad3824be.jpeg


the only problem I can see myself having is If we’re down the beach or on a walk, cooling the cube down in time to pack away and seems like a pain in the bum! Or a long old wait!  

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Everdure’s answer to the big green egg, It really is a cool bit of kit! 

It’s new to the market this year, it’s been an exclusive to John Lewis for the last few months. But as of Monday it is available to all stockists! 

Annoyingly I was too excited by it all that I didn’t get any of my own photos!


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