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Feldon's Calculator

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There was a post in the last week or so from a member about building an offset,  and I'm sure Feldon's Calculator came up.  At the time I'd never heard of this calculator for helping to work out the size of the cooking chamber & firebox. I check out what is new on the Tube most days, and there was a suggestion for a new video.

There was a video uploaded on the 19 of this month about Feldon's Cal,  so being curious I hit the button. The guy in the video builds kit for commercial use....he quotes.....

"I'm a commercial pit builder who builds some offset smokers for some of the top BBQ establishments in the US."

With this in mind, you would respect his knowledge of what he does....I know most of us do not have the kit and time to set off down the road of building our own offset.  This got me thinking about the Landmann offset I use, how would the dimensions work out if put through this Feldon's Cal???

Well, it turns out this guy calls out some of the info that this cal give you,  so I thought lets link to it,  who knows one of these days I may just find time to check my offset out and see if it does fit the bill.


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The Feldon is one that is widely referenced in the US forums and was the one I referenced when I was building my offset (or more precisely - having it built). It is a bit of an all-round calculator and having looked at the calulators in the link from @Diggerg I think these are more aimed at specific parts of the build. If these were used in conjunction with each other I think that you would not go far wrong. A darn site better than the guesswork that people usually use 🙂


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