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Cured spicy pork belly


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Just put 1.04kg belly pork on to cure.

I used

2.5g cure no.2

23.5 g salt

13g brown sugar

10g ancho chilli flakes

2.5g smoked paprika 

1g cayenne chilli pepper powder. 

I stabbed the meaty side of the pork with a knife several times before coating everywhere with the cure.


I will give a couple weeks the take out  give it a wash down to get rid of the salt. Pat dry. And leave open with cling film on tip for 3 days. Then vacced into dry age bags and then muslin and will hands outside the fridge until it loses 35 to 40 percent of its weight. I am guessing 2 months but we shall see.



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It is finished at last. 2 months hanging. It tastes great nice bit of spice and paprika.  I did spray it a couple f itmes to keep the green mould form developing in the few creases of the meat but its ok.

If it lasts will bring some to the national. No promises


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Couple months of leaving it hanging in semi permeable bag and muslin and that is hopefully what you get. I still think that first one i did with smoked paprika was nicest (the one you tasted) but this is a very close 2nd.

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