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Smoked salmon v4


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Happy for you to visit. Can't do a whole weekend at the moment but you are welcome to come for the day. I will check with SWMBO for possible dates. Does it have to be a weekend - not a problem if it does but weekdays would give more options. Are you looking to see the smoked salmon production? I could put some BBQ on too for lunch  🙂

Salmon is in the smoker for the Easter weekend customers - most has already been pre-ordered. Lovely big whole salmon bought from Billingsgate yesterday (were still swimming on Monday). Once filleted each fillet is over 60 cm long and 7-9 cm thick :thumb1:


15 Kg of Almond nuts smoked yesterday too and 6 Kg of bacon will be going in the smoker tomorrow.

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All good ideas and not sure on mid week as working. Maybe a Friday? Lunch sounds good. Is there a Friday possible? I bought a whole salmon in Sainsbury today at 6 quid a kilo. Half price so ended up with two sides of salmon for 15 quid.  Freezer at the mo for those but will smoke them.

Your salmon sounds better. We should do a taste off.

I am getting closer to all grain brewery set up. Plumbing nearly there but need bigger drill bits for walls.

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