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Spatchcock Chicken Cooked On Argentinian Grill

Smokin Monkey

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16 hours ago, Icefever said:

Nice one sunshine.. m0112.gif

I don't care, over the next couple of weekends I'm firing up the Weber even if I have to stand it under the up & over garage door (now I have one)  m0110.gif  if it's raining.


Some where to cook in shelter is the best. 

I am like a toddler just starting to walk, it is sooooo difficult, remembering what you are doing, saying, etc. The out takes would of kept Dennis Nordon in work for years!!!

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7 minutes ago, James Hocking said:

Great video! I’m think of doing something a similar thing when I’m a bit more comfortable with my Cooks! 


your shelter set up looks awesome! 

Thanks James, it is very daunting. You knew what you are doing, what you want to say, but facing a camera and laying it down is a different thing.

”The Dog House” is a special place for me. It has everything I need to cook in, I switch equipment in and out as required. 

Got plenty of ideas for videos in the future. And they will be posted on the forum and open for subscription on YouTube


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