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Master-Touch premium

James Hocking

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Afternoon all! 

Sorry if this seems a little rushed! This is my first attempt at a post like this and I’m on my lunch break at work! 

We had a big delivery from Weber this morning at work and I thought you all might want to have a look at this years new grilling, roasting, smoking, Master touch model! The premium. 

Sadly I won’t get to cook on one, but I have built one! Here’s my run down from the build...


The box has had a make over with a bit more info! 

Lots of new parts in here!92ECEFB2-FD3A-4DC6-AD21-31A3C14AB449.thumb.jpeg.0893beceeb3c044b56edfef6bbb77994.jpeg


New lid mechanism, this needs attention when fitting as the lid won’t sit right first time, you’ll have to play around with the height of the bracket. But once fitted gives the lid an easy up/no slam open and close.

New heat deflector, this is for the smoking part of the Premium, it would have been nice to see this with a deeper middle to put the water in but, the instructions do suggest placing a drip pan on  this for any liquid you may want to include in your cook (This would have to be shallow as the space between deflector and grill isn’t huge).



The build itself is really straight forward, takes a little bit longer than the normal master touch model but it has a few extra parts! 


Weber have decided to Include individual manuals for each language this year instead of one big manual. 


There is a new handle grip for the one touch system (there wasn’t one in my box!).DD49D482-7122-4FDF-BDFD-E7C9B2AC02E6.thumb.jpeg.794414390ad1d9d6006bf645ca7c2bf1.jpeg

Charcoal ring just like the WSM.75D62D49-27C2-4723-8587-B3B06B424C54.thumb.jpeg.3e7d2d0f49f4868de1d0e57ae6c9d5a0.jpeg

Here is the Deflector in place, as mentioned earlier it is positioned quite close to the grill.577D865E-35A0-4AEC-A134-2CA98F83B16B.thumb.jpeg.157b5bc929b32c222eda2dc7a5009d3f.jpegA3F3915A-778B-4FE6-9210-159C875C88FD.thumb.jpeg.72255c6c3caef234ccc089c1ad6617af.jpeg


All built and looking good! All Master touch models this year include an igrill stand for the front handle which is a nice touch! 


I think this will be a great grill for people that are looking to buy a Weber/master touch but are curious about trying smoking! Its priced between the Master touch and WSM 47. So a good entry-mid range price. 


What do you all think of it? 







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A few extras I’ve notice through looking over the bbq again;


On the one touch system there is now an extra marker for “smoking”  just next to the closed position, this is helpful considering the vent isn’t visible!



The thermometer housing is a nice addition but it would have been nice to see a variation of the WSM thermometer on here with the “smoke” indicator;


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Cheers,  what a review....brilliant,  there only one down point for me....I bought my M-Touch midway through 2018..t2412.gif why didn't I wait??? never mind.

I love the new hinge, wonder if they will sell separately??  and the new smoke slot, but I use my Brickman for whatever smoking I do.

15 hours ago, James Hocking said:

This is my first attempt at a post like this and I’m on my lunch break at work!

James you don't have to worry,  it's been a pleasure to read and it may help someone make up their mind about buying a new Weber.



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Thank you for the kind words! I've got a couple of Traegers coming in Feb so I will do the same thing! 

Its a funny one this Premium because there was no mention of it until I saw my rep in January, I didn't see it on their website when i was trying to see what was coming for this year. I think they were pushing the new Spirit over this.  

I'm sure if you speak to Weber CS you might be able to get somewhere with that! 

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