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Speaking to one of my (North of the Border) colleagues earlier and I mentioned the Macsween Haggis I'd clapped eyes on whilst in Bookers recently. Got me thinking.... could it be smoked.

Usually I'd simmer a Haggis in a water or, if pushed for time, nuke it the Microwave. But would using the smoker add (or take away) anything from the usual way of cooking and what temp would suit it for best results?


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Had a look around the web, and plenty of people have asked the question, but could not find someone who has actually done it a wrote about the outcome.

Firstly it is precooked, Secondly it would have to be removed from the package, but saying that, I can not see why it would not take on Smoke Flavour as it is being heated to the recommended serving temperature.

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Cheers, I'm thinking of treating it as just a big ol' sausage (due to it being in a skin), which I've smoked before at 275F with good results. Albeit the Macsween jobbie from Bookers would take a whole lot longer the principal would remain the same.

Making sure it's warmed all the way though may prove tricky though. Would prefer not to pierce that skin!

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