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Good evening


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I’m a newbie.  Forgot to introduce myself last week, and lunged straight in with a query.

But received some very good advice, which was much appreciated.

About me.

Got a weber master touch for Father’s Day last year.

Had barbecues virtually every weekend, due to the amazing weather.

Then I saw Franklin smoking a brisket... went and got a 47cm WSM for my b day in September, and haven’t grilled since..

My wife refers to the WSM as the other lady in our relationship...

Glad I found a Uk forum so I can show her I’m not the only one !

Done some ribs, then a packer brisket, and a load of Boston butts...

So, question.

Had a fare few restless nights on the sofa, listening out for my Bluetooth thermometer, telling me I was running too hot or cold.  (And also spritzing at 4am)

So as to get more sleep on the weekend, I have brought a Q master.

It’s running of the mains, so I’ve got a good  extension-lead and am going to put the thermometer read out in a water proof box.

Has anyone got a solution to keeping the fan dry?

I’ve erected a gazebo roof, so fairly dry, but not water tight if the rain is coming in sideways.

Itching to have a go the weekend, but want to ensure I don’t ruin the fan or trip the fuse board unnecessarily.

Many thanks


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