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  1. Good shout. I’ll have a look the weekend. cheers B
  2. Evening. I have a standard Weber chimney one for my kettle, which i use upside down, to light my WSM. Was thinking if I could find one same shape, but half the size, would be quicker and more effective. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Morning. ordered a brisket from John Davidson’s, and it has arrived frozen. i was planning to wet age it for a couple of weeks before smoking. it is in a cryopac. it has a slaughter and packing date. just wondered if anyone has done this previously and if it ok to wet ago from frozen? looking to age for 30 days from the packing date. thanks
  4. Afternoon, Any ideas where I can get a full brisket in London? My local butcher is a bit hit and miss, so I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions. thanks
  5. Beavis69

    Good evening

    I’m a newbie. Forgot to introduce myself last week, and lunged straight in with a query. But received some very good advice, which was much appreciated. About me. Got a weber master touch for Father’s Day last year. Had barbecues virtually every weekend, due to the amazing weather. Then I saw Franklin smoking a brisket... went and got a 47cm WSM for my b day in September, and haven’t grilled since.. My wife refers to the WSM as the other lady in our relationship... Glad I found a Uk forum so I can show her I’m not the only one ! Done some ribs, then a packer brisket, and a load of Boston butts... So, question. Had a fare few restless nights on the sofa, listening out for my Bluetooth thermometer, telling me I was running too hot or cold. (And also spritzing at 4am) So as to get more sleep on the weekend, I have brought a Q master. It’s running of the mains, so I’ve got a good extension-lead and am going to put the thermometer read out in a water proof box. Has anyone got a solution to keeping the fan dry? I’ve erected a gazebo roof, so fairly dry, but not water tight if the rain is coming in sideways. Itching to have a go the weekend, but want to ensure I don’t ruin the fan or trip the fuse board unnecessarily. Many thanks B
  6. I’ll ring round a few and see where I get to. with regards the grid, would you suggest a Weber spare part? Thanks
  7. Beavis69


  8. Thanks for that. Very nice basket. Saw Harry Soo using this. Very interesting. Im starting to mod my WSM, so would like a bigger charcoal ring. I’ve seen a couple of other baskets but their all in the states... Hmm..
  9. Afternoon, I am going to replace the water bowl in my 18in WSM, with a thinnner heat deflector. I then want to get a larger charcoal basket. is there any where in the uk I can get one made? Thanks
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