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Pit barrel chicken


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7 hours ago, Smokin Monkey said:

Good looking Pit Chicken!

More importantly the wife likes it !😂

First impressions: it was windy so was fun lighting heat beads .

 It runs hotter than my UDS . But again this is down to the heat beads . I’m going to try and get some olive wood as a fellow PBC owner swears it gives her consistent temps and runs cooler .

Having said that it ran from 180 c to levelling out at 160c . Which for chicken was ideal . The result was a juicy chicken . The next day the skin was reminiscent of the cold cooked chicken you can buy in supermarket . 

The hanging of the meat is an excellent conking method . And perversely I rather enjoyed sticking the hoooks in and hanging . It made me feel a bit cromagnon for some reason . 

I need to do some ribs on it and need to look into different recipes . As I’m not a great pulled pork or brisket lover . I like those I just don’t get too excited .

for my immediate needs this pit barrel chicken maimed with my weber Gbs fulfills my hot smoking needs . The next task is to sort out the cold smoking cabinet or buy one . 

Will I use my UDS ? Probably not I think I’m going to sell it as it’s too big for my needs . 


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