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Hi all, doing my second brisket cook. First one was in 2021. Both are from John davidsons and Miguel vergara briskets. 

My first one was good, great flavour/smoke ring, my Mrs loved it, though I felt it was a touch dry. 

I've got one I'm planning on doing overnight on WSM for tomorrow in the (just freshly cleaned) sink defrosting. 

I'm just wondering if this one needs much trimming? I'll take the bigger bits of fat off but it looks like it's already got a low amount on it. Plus I think a wee trimming of sides to get rid of the smaller/flappy bits. 

Also if I'm making beef tallow can I use all the fat and silverskin for it? 

Any help advice is appreciated. 




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Only done one brisket....need to do another one this year.

I did see an interesting tip on Youtube a while back. Put 1 or 2 wood chunks under the middle of the meat so no puddles form on top of the meat (reducing the bark). Apparently it soaks some of the juices up aswell adding extra flavour to the next cook.

I have never tried it myself so not sure how good it works though🤔

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Some decent prices at JD. Though it was £20 or £3 per kilo more expensive than two years ago but that's not the butchers fault, that's just life now..  🫠

Thanks for tip, I'll do that as I have some nice whisky oak I can use that'll get a nice flavour. 

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Let us know how it goes, I have not done a brisket since seeing that tip (although im sure it would work with other cuts aswell?).

Yeah they (as in all of them) seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place with regards to cost/pricing and like you say, thats just life now🤔

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I'm thinking about getting it on about midnight, I'll run it through the night. I'm usually up about 8ish so I can check on it and wrap in paper if needed. 

It's for dinner tomorrow but only me and Mrs so we can eat whenever. 

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