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May Monthly Challenge

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I'm a wee bit late to the party. Decided to smoke a couple of Turkey Legs today and much like the Kings speech it's not just for Christmas. 

Both had a southern rub on them with the one with the toothpick getting a peri peri on top. I was going to sauce before end but decided to do next time. 

Smoked in the Aldi Kamado between 120- 150c for 1hr 45 mins with apple wood. I think next time I'll go 150 - 175c. 





And for those asking how they were, lets just say it was like poultry in motion. 🤓

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My entry is a pork rack joint. I didnt get many pics as I would have liked to but I had a few jobs that needed doing in between





i cooked for the first 30 mins over the lumpwood and then swapped to indirect once it had a nice outer. Dome temp of 200C for the whole cook and took about 1 hour 20 mins. Finishing temp was a little high but fortunately it didnt dry out.

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1 hour ago, hoogl said:

Looks good @AdamG It does look like it got a nice smoke ring on it though. 

Thanks Hoogl👍

Yeah the smoke ring turned out bigger than I expected since I only used a handful of apple woodchips...however the smokiness flavour was more subtle than it looks. I only wanted a hint of wood smoke since I was serving it aa a roast dinner

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