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Found 5 results

  1. Burgers on the Traeger Ranger with signature pellets. 6 oz 1 inch thick burgers. 1 tsp brown sugar and again of ancho chilli flakes 1/4 tsp chipotle flakes. 1/4 tsp pepper 1/2tsp of salt 1 tsp onion granules and 1 clove garlic crushed. 110c on the Ranger. 1 1/4 hour to 71c. I flashed 30 secs or so each side in hot cast iron skillet on hob. Nice and smoky and chilli on the taste. Rock solid keeping temp on Ranger. Easy to clean. Very impressed with the Ranger. Super Easy. Reliable. Good
  2. Latest video out, McRib Sub cooked on a Traeger Ranger Pellet Smoker.
  3. Video for unboxing a Traeger Ranger Pellet Smoker.
  4. Since getting a pellet smoker I've been searching for suppliers of smoking pellets here in the UK. Found a place in Liverpool (just on the doorstep) which do very well priced bags of Lil Devils Pellets (imported), though I've yet to fire up the pit and try them so can't comment just yet. Also tried the Perfect Mix stuff from Amazon. Results were good but price wise compared the lil devils were a touch spenny. Edit - The following table lists a selection of the most common Pellet brands and suppliers in the UK as of June 2020. Please feel free to respond with anything you manage find and I'll add the data to the table!
  5. Well, I just placed my order and will be receiving a new smoker this Wednesday - a Traeger Pro 575! I placed my order with Meat & Cleaver as I had spotted their website some time ago as a place that I might be able to get good brisket and pork from. It's my first order with them and I'm placing a separate order for brisket and bone-in pork shoulder, as well as some Traeger rubs, on Wednesday so should be up and running by the weekend! After finding out that Pit Barrel Cookers aren't widely available in the UK, and then deliberating over other upright smokers (like the ProQ Frontier and WSM) I decided instead to go for something that'd not require so much effort but be able to give me some mean smoked meats! I'm not going to be able to think of much else until Wednesday but watch this space for 100+ photos of my unboxing it and using it. 😅
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