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Ye Gods more kit...



Where will it all end??? we started off back in 2016 buying a Brinkman smoker grill, used it mainly as a bbq.  We wanted to try smoking but never got around to it that year.

2017 went buy in a flash, we had a couple of bbqs,  but then this year we dragged the grill out of the shed when it stopped raining, I remember that was around April.

After joining the Woodsmokeforum.uk,  BBQing as taken off big time for us both...so we had the Brinkman but then there's this offset just at the right price. The Landmann Kentucky joined the Brinkman, back in July we attended the Woodsmoke 18 to find all sorts of BBQs, Webbers, Tepros, home made 50-gallon barrels etc etc.

Rosemary fell in love with a cute little pot belly stove by Tepro,  Smoking Monkey had it on with a chili cooking......think it was...I remember I never got to taste it, I'll catch it next time around.

Back home on the Sunday, we settled down so I put out a search on these little stoves.  I found them on lots of sites around the £120 mark, I tried Amazon, much the same so I popped over to the Bay.

There it was, sat in its box, a guy had one for sale, brand new never been used asking £70 or offer....so I did for £50...he asked I answered.  He came back asking £60, I thought that's fair, meet in the middle, I paid him and it arrived a couple of days later.

Now we had 3 bits of kit, this is getting daft, I can't remember where we came across the Jumbuck rotisserie??? I honestly can't remember if it was on a thread on the forum or wherever,  but it did look like a brilliant bit of kit and Homebase were selling them for £67...rrp was over £100...now wouldn't that be just great sat on the patio with a nice leg of lamb or pork, we just had to get one.

The Jumbuck joined the stable of bbq'ing grills, stove, whatever, where was this going to end??  who knows??  I returned home from work one-day last week find an anniversary prezzie from my wife of a Webber 57cm.  Homebase again...(I'm going to get them bas****s for this)  the rrp of a Webber 57cm is in the  £260/£290 price range,  the shop with no name is selling them for £170/£180.

It is a great looking bit of kit thou,  all I have to do is put it together....so that now makes 4, there'll soon be no room left on our small patio at this rate.  :thumb1:  ?











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24 minutes ago, Smokin Monkey said:

It’s addictive!

You did tell me so at the start Steve, but we love it all, what's not to love about eating good food. :thumb1:

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