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This weekend is for us!!!!



After 2 consecutive weekends with parties for 8 friends,  we feel that this coming weekend is going to be just for us.  I'm going to get into smoking some cheese,  we now have all we need to start re-making sausages.

Hopefully, the weather looks like it will hold out,  finger crossed, as I am trying to erect the new shed that the Brinkman is going to take pride of place.

We have a pork shoulder ready for the sausage making,  another belly for the curing,  this is going to be a wonderful weekend,  except the wife wants to go through all of our 3 tall freezers.   


Sat morning.

I was up at 0400 as is my whim....after a couple of cuppas I set to sorting out the first of the 6'  freezers we own.    I emptied the freezer into a fridge temp down to 1.7c  it's an amazing little fridge to go that low.

That should hold everything for the time it takes to defrost the smegging thing.  At the moment I've placed a small blower on top of a box to speed things up....just having another cuppa and will have to check it all ok.

I've also partly filled a plastic soft drinks bottle to freeze, I'm putting that in the bowl with what ice cubes we have for the smoker later on.


Well that's the first bugger done..  :yahoo:  and I've finished up with 2 large bags of ice,  that dropped off the shelves,  waste not want not the saying goes.  I think it's time to get the Brinkman and have a go at this large block of mature chedder....back later.


There's good news and bad news....the good news is the new shed is almost done.  I must admit I didn't expect to get that far,...I would have been  happy just to get the sides up, no no the roof is on as well..jobs a good un.

The bad news I never got to smoke the cheese,  it's ok thou as the shed is 95% done I'm getting the Brinkman on asap tomorrow morning.

While the cheese is sat in the B-man I can tittivate the shed I need to sort the lock as a number of bbq kit is being stacked in there over the winter.

Ice Ice Lady sorted the 2nd freezer and also found space in the kitchen for our new bacon slicer. so all in all a very happy day...just one more freezer to sort then that's it for this year.



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Yes,  mate will scan and post later,   just got in....Rosie's just about to dish up and I'll get on it...:thumb1:


All done 4 to choose from in the sausage section.  



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