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WoodSmoke 18.



What can I say about the event??? it was a brilliant time for Rosie & myself.  To start off with, this was the first time either of us had been to anything like it 

We were like the proverbial newbies in every sense of the word, but everyone was so cool and kind, giving us tips and showing us how to do stuff. 

After a wet Friday start setting up the area where we would be working, read cooking, on the Saturday we settled down to "chewing the fat " with a load of new friends.  

Tomorrow was to be our big maiden voyage on the SS Brinkman...more to follow with photos soon.

Just a few photos the I took of the event. .....

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Great stuff mate, was great to meet Ice Ice Lady and yourself.  Thank you both for helping me with my rather ambitious dishes and setting up and deflecting Donna the stressed one before I got there. 

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If  you had been about on Saturday morning, you would have seen a small band of enthusiasts prepping manly meat, ribs,brisket.   Paul  aka (The negative one) did two ducks,  we did a gammon with a apricot glaze and had a go at Steve ( Smoking Monkey ) boned lamb.

Fires where started early as some of the dishes would take 3 maybe 4 hours, we were aiming for around 5pm to sit down to the feast that was being prepared right before our eyes. During the cooking period members would cook up a small dish of chicken wings, sausages kebabs ,  what ever they fancied everyone had a chance to try.

By mid morning the smell was great and it was travelling all over the site. I lost count of the number of people that came to see what was going on, most asked if we were selling,  we had to say sorry not for sale, but come back about 6pm and help yourselves to whatever you want free of charge . 

To be continued later.....



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It was a full on Saturday, was great fun, among a brilliant bunch  friends all supporting each other, loved it

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