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Earth Based Fire Pits


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After some advice, getting the very bottom of the garden cleared out and going to be left with area (hopefully flat) but bare earth about 24ft by 12ft, thought about using it as an area to sit and cook on with cast iron over an earth based firepit and put some gravel or bark chippings around the outside of it

Anyone ever created an earth based fire pit, that you can cook over glowing embers, happy to invest in a campfire grill for using skillets etc over it and maybe a tripod to hang a large dutch oven or use the dutch oven over the embers also. 

Never cooked like this before, want it to be easy as possible, not looking at an above ground enclosed brick built one, anybody have one or used an open earth based one before, what is involved hole wise in the ground, as well as size, for a 12 ft clearance in total for flames to be safe etc and how long can these pits last for and how are the ashes removed and drainage achieved etc

Starting from scratch as a complete novice, so any help would be gratefully received

Thinking of something like this around 4-5ft in width, if that would be safe within a 12ft working area in total



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On 1/29/2023 at 11:38 PM, hoogl said:

What about trying to create an underground pit. Would be a great conversation piece. You might be able to get a metal top that you could use as a base for a tripod etc. Though you could do a great Asado style using the pit.



Bit big for my needs, but looks very impressive

I've ordered the Bruntmor Cast Iron Outdoor Portable Swing Hanging Campfire Cooking Stand from the Amazon US site for £160 Delivered (they want £226 from the Amazon UK site) for the same product.

Hopefully be ideal for my needs and can always raise it on some bricks if it needs to go a little higher and can be folded up and stored in the shed when not in use.

Not many options in the Uk for something like this, there is a Vervor one for considerably cheaper, but doesn't look as well made or sturdy as this one.


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