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Hi all, I'm into commercial BBQ and have a FEC 120 which I'll be using again shortly.  I'm looking for tips about having it serviced as I've not used it for a while and I'm also looking to purchase a second one. Please let me know if there's one about that could do with a good home.

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Welcome to the forum. I too have an FEC 120 and it is a great smoker. 

There is not really a lot to service on them however before you use it again in earnest you should check the following:

  • Ensure that the combustion chamber is clean and any pellets and ash have been removed from around the pot. Also ensure that the pot is vacuumed out.
  • Remove the side cover from under the pellet hopper and then remove the fan. This gives you access to the air duct that leads to the pot. Vacuum this out as ash can fall through the air holes in the pot over time and build up here.
  • While the side cover is off check that the fan is working.
  • Empty the pellet hopper to ensure that no pellets are clogging the auger. Over time pellets can absorb moisture and can expand and then break down to a mush.
  • Ensure that the inside of the oven is clean and the drain hole is not blocked. Place new tinfoil on the cooking chamber bottom.
  • Ensure that the grease collection tray is clean
  • When you start it up for the first time check that the electronic igniter is working. They can burn out and may need replacing.
  • Check for leaks around the door. If you see smoke you may need to replace the rubber door seals.

I have tagged @NickK from The American BBQ Company as there may be other things that I have missed - but physically there isn't really much to go wrong. If you need spares then they are usually in stock. For new units they offer a discount for Forum members but you will have to contact them directly about this. They will obviously be able to supply a new FEC, however if you are looking for one that needs re-homing then they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Cheers, Wade

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Hi there!

Apologies for the delay in responding - I’m travelling/out of the country at the moment but if you need support for your FEC120, please call Darren at The American BBQ Company on 0800 644 4141 or 01442 927727.

I’m obviously unable to comment on unseen units but one thing to consider if buying second-hand is that the old IQ4 controller is no longer supported by Cookshack.

So,when negotiating price, please factor in the possibility of needing a c.£2k (inc. VAT) upgrade at some point. Always check the unit works as it should  (if the keypad on the controller is damaged, there’s an even greater likelihood of an upgrade being needed sooner rather than later). 

Cheers, Nick

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