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Air flow


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Having read with interest some comments on air flow I have come to the conclusion that my set up (see the photo) needs some alteration.The bottom compartment which I have put a door on, only has 10 or so 15mm holes in its roof which vent the smoke up into the smoking chamber. There are 5 small holes in the side walls but I have taped them over because when the smoker is going most smoke belts out of them and doesn’t go upwards into the smoke chamber. I have already made an extra hit and miss vent in the roof of the smoker behind the chimney but even so not a lot of smoke comes out of there. So my idea is to enlarge considerably the 10 or so 15mm holes in the roof of the bottom compartment to increase the smoke passage upwards. Then I may be able to untape some of the small holes in the side walls to allow more air into the unit from the bottom. There are illustrations of my smoker on eBay.  What do any of you think of this idea....crazy or possible? I am thinking of doing this as when the unit is going full chat, smoke belches out round the front vertical sliding door but not a great deal in comparison comes out the top!

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Any holes in the walls that are ABOVE the cold smoke input tube should remain taped closed and also tape closed the holes in the bottom. You need to ensure that the air and smoke enters the smoke chamber and passes up inside over the food and out of the top. For most foods you will probably find that the air from the cold smoker pump is enough to keep it sufficiently moving - but for salmon you may need a little more. In my large cold smoker I have a slow fan at the top to drawing air and smoke through - but that may be overkill for yours. To begin with I would add a variable vent hole in the top using something similar to these


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Much appreciated, I have just made an unrefined hit and miss additional vent at the top by the little fireplace. A little fan sounds an extraordinary thought. I will explore that ......eBay a chance.

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