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Kamado table/countertop part 1

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I was able to get the first part of my countertop finished and the kamado in place today.

I originally did my sketches and drawings during the covid pandemic and ended up getting delayed due to material costs going sky high. However I ended up using some off-cuts of stainless steel angles that were in the workshop for months.

Angles cut to length, notched and deburred on the ends ready for welding.


Bottom fully welded


Top fully welded


Castors on and dropped off at home


I put in a removable galvinised steel plate to help support the kamado.


kamado in place. (Yes, the kamado needs a good clean!)






Just need to run a wire brush over the welds to clean them up.

Hopefully (wishfull thinking haha) I will get the cupboards, cladding and worktop installed next year and a bigger cover for the whole lot.

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Thanks PittmabπŸ‘

The old stand was starting to get a bit worn and I was worried it would eventually break before it was fully finished so thats why its gone in for now (also I get to check that the dimensions are all correct and if there is any obstructions etc.

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