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Lamb Rump Sous Vide from Great British Chefs website


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I have some of these in freezer so will be doing this later this week


I am going to serve with Merchant gourmet french lentils 


How to cook lamb rump sous vide



Lamb rump, with its strip of flavourful fat running across the top, is an incredibly tasty cut but can sometimes be tricky to cook due to its irregular shape. Cooking it sous vide, slowly and at a constant temperature, ensures a perfect result every time, and the meat can be finished off in a pan for a gloriously caramelised flavour. One rump – sometimes also referred to as lamb chump – is a more than generous portion for one person, and would happily serve two people with a substantial garnish.
Preheat the water bath to 62°C
Season the lamb rump with salt on the flesh side then place in a vacuum bag with a little olive oil. Vacuum seal the bag
Place the bag in the preheated water bath to cook for 45 minutes
Remove the rump from the bag and drain on kitchen paper
Place a frying pan over a high heat with a little vegetable oil and cook the lamb rump skin-side down until caramelised and golden brown
Leave to rest for a few minutes, then slice into portions and serve


Try adding different flavours to the bag before sealing it – thyme, rosemary and garlic are all classic flavours to pair with lamb and would work beautifully. Alternatively you could try rubbing the rump with spices such as ras el hanout before cooking to give your finished dish a bit of a kick.

Instead of pan-frying the rump you could finish the lamb on a griddle or barbecue, giving the meat a smoky, charred flavour.

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just bagged the up with a little rapeseed oil.  one ras al hanout rub, one garlic granules with ground pepper and mara seaweed, one ground pepper with mara seaweed and rosemary, one pepper with rosemary. Going into bath soon as it gets to temperature and then 45 mins and on the bbq to caramelise. Serving with Merchant Gourmet lentils french.



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