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Salmon Gravlax


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Salmon Gravlax (makes about 800) is:

·       1 piece Salmon - 900g skin on (preferably not tail end)

·       3 tbsp kosher salt

·       1.5 tbsp granulated sugar (Tubinardo sugar is good if you can find it  as it has similar granulation to kosher sugar and mixes nice)

·       1.5 tbsp cracked black pepper

·       1.5 cups fresh dill

Inspect salmon and remove any scales and pin bones (use tweezers to remove pin bones)

In small bowl mix salt sugar and cracked peppercorns.

Cut a piece of plastic wrap long enough to wrap salmon comfortably. Lay on work surface. Sprinkle half the slat mixture down centre of wrap approximately the length and width of the salmon. Top with half the dill. Lay salmon skin side down on top. top with remaining dill and then sprinkle remaining salt mix on top.

Pull up plastic wrap around salmon to enclose. Place wrapped salmon in sous vide pouch and seal. 

Put in fridge to 3 to 5 days. (this is a fairly light cure, so it is hard to over cure the salmon. 3 days is fine but if want to serve 4 or 5 days later then that is fine too)

Open pouch and remove salmon, remove plastic wrap and the dill, carefully remove any pepper embedded in salmon, and then wipe with paper towels

To serve slice very thinly crosswise, cut through the flesh to the skin and then then cut slices off the skin leaving the skin intact in one single piece. Re-wrap any unused unsliced salmon (skin on) and seal in a clean sous vide bag. Store in fridge for up to 1 week or freeze in sealed pouch for up to 2 months, thaw overnight in fridge before using.

(Do not discard skin. Seal in sous vide pouch and freeze for another recipe use like Gravlax Salad with Cucumbers, New Potatoes and Crispy Gravlax skin).

SCALING: To make gravlax you can use as little as 450g or as much as whole single fillet. Weigh the salmon and use 7.5g sugar and 15g kosher salt for each 450g of salmon, adjust pepper and dill appropriately

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Not made it for a long time but found the old piece of paper in my recipe pack and figure post it to reliven it here 

I will do it again sometime, Is delicious if you like Gravlax, unfortunately my wife is not a fan. So easy to make

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