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Aussie Heatbeads


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No problem, I've been using them for some time and found most of the stuff available very good price wise. I'm not one for ready made rubs and don't care overly for wet rubs either so have no idea if theirs are good or otherwise! But some of their recipes have been of real interest and with a few tweaks here and there have proven to be very tasty. As an 'offset' fan it would be good if we could find equipment easily as well as food items but that seems impossible at a reasonable cost! However, I've found I've had to become adept at working around things like cost, and after the DIY fire box, I went for DIY tuning plates which have been a roaring, no pun intended, success, giving me an overall temp difference within the cooking chamber of 5 degree's as opposed to the original 30 degree's across the cooking chamber when I first used it! Combine with some 'Lavarock Gasket' around the chamber door and I'm moving towards being happy with the unit as opposed to being very very disappointed with my purchase!?

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