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Turkey drumstick - dino leg


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Simple brine overnight, rubbed with jerk seasoning and then on the Kamander and smoked with cherry wood for around 3.25 hours at 107C, give or take then finished  it over the flame to try and crisp up the skin a little.

Turned out pretty good for a first attempt. Tasted almost ham/gammon like, really tender and juicy and only a couple of quid from Tesco.









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Looks really good pittmab👍

Is that star anise and black peppercorns in the brine?

I need to try smoking turkey and chicken (I normally just let the drippings do the smoke flavour), always been hesitant in case I over smoke them.


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Yes, star anise and pink peppercorns. Not sure they added much but I was scared to add more! The salt and sugar definitely make a big difference. 

Think I will try it at a higher temp next time, try and avoid the rubbery skin or just stump up for a huge turkey breast.

it's definitely worth a try, I think it gives it a lovely ham/gammon like flavour.

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