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Hello, just added a Landmann Kentucky offset to my cooking equipment collection, and have already bought digital temp sensors, sealant, and heat tape to plug the many nooks and crannies. I know the purists will say cheap offsets are a waste of money, but I want to grill as well as smoke, plan on building my own brick smoker/grill in the future and like modding things anyway!

I'm going to post photos of what I do with it as well, I'm into it for about £200 including the temp sensors as it stands.

I love cooking, I have my own souse vide, but have a pretty busy life at the moment and need to be able to cook as relaxing time in the garden for a break.

Currently, I have a living room full of BBQ parts as my high temp silicone didn't turn up when I thought it would and I've already thrown the box in the garage. Wife is so impressed she went to bed early ?

Again, I'll do a post of exactly what I did to build it and what temps I get. I'm champing at the bit, but I need the silicone to assemble it or I'll only have to take it apart again.

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Once again welcome to the Forum.

I think you are doing the correct thing, in waiting for the sealant to arrive before you assemble your grill.

We all have our Pits of choice, and I can guarantee, this will not be the only Pit you buy.

I Sous Vide as well, it has its time and place in the cooking arena.


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I have been smoking our Christmas turkey for the past 15+ years in a 57 cm Weber kettle***. As with chicken, turkey cooks best fairly hot and fast, rather than low and slow. Cook it at about 150 C (300 F) and cook it entirely by internal temperature. You can brine it first to add flavour (and maybe moisture) but the smoke in the BBQ will certainly add to the flavour.

*** OK you smart asses out there - yes and it is almost ready!!! ?

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