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Hi from Peterborough


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Up early this morning to fire up my wsm to cook up a couple of pork shoulders that are currently sitting happily at 115c. 

Faffing around the web on my phone looking for some more wood chunks as stocks are running low, I stumbled across this site so thought I would sign up and say hi. 

Currently own a 57” Weber kettle and a 47 inch smokey mountain and a garden centre barrel type bbq I use for searing steaks and chops on.


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Hi Sluggy and welcome to the forum. A WSM and 57cm kettle is a winning combination. I hope the pork turned out well. Where in the UK are you from? 

For the wood, you should gives James a call at Smokewood Shack. He will be able to sort you out quickly. 

Any photos of the pork? We like photos on here ?

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Never got around to pictures as it was a busy day.

What with the smoker going, cheese and onion bread baking, sauce for the pork and making coleslaw, not to mention the consumption of red wine along with all the motor racing on tv.

Everything turned out perfectly, even the weather played ball, miracles do happen occasionally ?

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Hi Sluggy, as Wade has pointed out, both of us attended Brew & Q yesterday, Wade was judging, but I think I ate as much meat as he did. 

Thats the problem when the food ready and people ar hungry to eat, you do not think of grabbing the camera.

This is the one and only photo I took at Brew & Q,


1st place Beef Rib from All Smoke No Knickers, actually watched them prepare this and was lucky to taste the  Beef Rib, also lucky enough to taste the Pork which also took 1st.


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