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An evening knock on the door !


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Friday 8 pm at home. I am sitting watching TV waiting for Joyce to fetch my slippers and pour me a large Woodford Reserve, whilst she finishes cooking my dinner **. A knock on the door... "Hi Wade, can you smoke a couple of Trout for me that I caught today?". "Sure" I said, "bring them in"...

He struggled in with the very large cool box and he said "I am in no hurry for them".

"How many are there?" I asked

"I am not sure" he said. "Maybe 25 or 30" !!!!!

What was expected to be a nice quiet weekend suddenly wasn't.

They are now all gutted and filleted and in the fridge (there were actually 26 fish) and I will smoke them tomorrow. I didn't take any photos of them with heads, fins and tails but I will take some when they are in the smoker.

** Those of you who know Joyce will suspect that this may not be totally accurate :wife: 



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All smoked, sliced and packed now. Here is a photo from about 2/3 of the way through the batch


Because of the volume of fish I immersion brined them for 5 minutes (150g salt per litre of water) before allowing them to drain for about an hour and then smoked at 20 C for 20 hours.

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