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Any Traeger users


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I've had it for about 3 weeks. 

Assembled it and did a burn off the first day and then cooked a chicken that evening, came out perfect. 

Following weekend I did a full brisket, the grill was great, my fat trimming and butchery skills still need some work!!! But the meat was delicious. 

It works a charm, sat at temp rock solid all day long, 12 hours from start to finish on a full hopper load. I was able to monitor it from my mobile when I went out to walk the dog. 

Its a lot noisier than I realised it was going to be which I don't think will be a problem but was quite surprised. Clean up is a doddle really, although it does get pretty messy!

Will hopefully get enough dry weather to keep on using it over the next few months but so far so good.


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