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Suitable as a smokehouse?


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Hi, I've been a small-time amateur cold smoker for some time. I have an unused granite and brick outhouse that I've never done anything with.  I'm thinking about upping my smoking game and converting this to smokehouse.  Never having done it on this scale before, I wanted to ask the expert's opinions on whether this seems suitable? I would need to do some work on the interior, but what do you think? Thanks.

Photos can be seen here https://tinyurl.com/2bf924vy


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2 hours ago, Icefever said:

Looks ok to me, wish I had it...😉...as you said it'll need a clean up...a chimney outlet.  What heat are you going for??, you'll need a wire rack or bars to hang whatever your smoking..



Thanks. In terms of heat, this is still all up for debate...I've traditionally done cold smoking on a small basis and was thinking of extrapolating.  I usually do cheese and butter but also fish, but given the room in there I'm considering experimenting with hot smoking. Still need to properly consider my equipment/heat sources for this scale!

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24 minutes ago, Justin said:

Definitely get a lot of things done in that, Nice. what is the humidity like in there

I havent measured it, although I do have a humidty logger that I've previously used for my cheesemaking.  I'd say reasonably high though as even in winter these granite buildings are well insulated and temps for storing my cheese has been too high. 

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