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Booker Ribs


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Anyone have experience of the Semi meaty ribs?  Ive used the Belvedere meaty ribs with the 3-2-1 method and found them to be great.

The racks of semi meaty ribs seem a bit thinner, will this affect the cooking time? Sorry if this seems an obvious thing.


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I have used them once when Bookers had run out of the meaty ribs. I was a little disappointed as there was a lot less meat. The semi meaty ribs tend to be the ones used by pubs and restaurants as they are cheaper.

They will take a little less time than the meaty ribs but the length of cooking time is still needed to ensure the meat is tender. I found that 2:2:0.5 was fine but I did need to watch them for the last 0.5 and spritzed as they can dry out as there is less fat. 

I would only use them again as a last resort.

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They have gone up in price since lockdown and are now £50.99 for 10Kg. At the beginning of lockdown (and maybe before Brexit?) they were £39.00.

You can also get them from sweettalkonline.com for £47.99 but you would need to add shipping.

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Thanks Bryce. I did check again in Bookers last week to prepare a quote for a catering job and they have come down again to £45. I think that the price hike may have been due to supply and transport problems from Europe at that time.

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