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Offset smokers


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2 hours ago, Icefever said:

I have one but have not used it for a year or so, but only yesterday was talking to the wife about dragging it out of the shed and using it..what's the problem Mike??



Oh didn't know you had one ice, I am looking at venturing into it, been looking around and chatted with Oliver at pro smoke, was just wondering what to get how big etc as only for 2 of us and a family get together maybe every month, are the larger diameter easier to control etc, really wanted a used one to try first then maybe upgrade later, but could wait ages, do you enjoy yours? What model do you have?

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I use my offset fairly frequently. 

I have an Oklahoma Joe Highland. It's a fairly popular model so there are plenty of YouTube vids of people using them. Lots of simple modifications you can make to squeeze more out of them too. (you will definitely want to get some high temp sealant and some stove door tape) 

In general the bigger and thicker the better (both for ease of control and longevity) but a Highland or anything about that size would be about right for your needs. 

Pictures below show overall size and how much real estate you get inside. I use a 1/3 gastropan for water and I've extended the stack down to grill level (using the old stack elbow from my last smoker)


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Sorry for the long delay Mick....broadband went down last night, guys coming out tomorrow....doing this on my phone....not easy with big mitts like I've got.😅.

I've got a landman...there's a large post on here about them...not the best but at the time the price fitted my pocket...sort of got me started so to say.



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