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Pulled pork first attempt


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So the pork was a success. None left, even my fussy kids ate it.  


It stalled for a couple of hours at around 65°c so I took it off and wrapped in foil. Extended the snake and put it back on. I fell asleep and went back to it at 11pm. The temp prob read 81°c. Not as high as I expected but the bbq temp was dropping out and the charcoal was all but burned out. 


It pulled really easily and was super juicy and tender. I guess the temp got up higher and then dropped with the outside and grill temps?  Would it have pulled easily at 81° otherwise?





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I had ago at making my first pulled pork on friday, it worked out very well , I used the snake method for the first time , I used big k briquettes and was pleasantly surprised with how few I ended up using , I set up the snake around half of the outer edge of my kettle 2 wide 2 high and put a few pieces of cherry wood o top , I cooked the pork for roughly 4 hours , spritzer twice, then wrapped it in foil for a further 3 hours till internal temp reached, pork came about amazing 

I then removed the unlit briquettes, and the ones that were nearly lit I banged in the chimney an got the grill hot again and done some sticky chicken wings , 








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