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Citra Pale Ale

The Bandit

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I brewed a kit or two way back (about 20-25yrs ago) but gave it up when life got in the way. Now, retired and locked-down, hubby and I (mostly I) have got the bug again. We have just brewed a 5L batch of Citra Pale Ale using malt extract + speciality grains, hops etc. It was bottled today so still a few weeks to wait!

We had a little taster and for warm, flat beer it seemed ok😁, didn't detect any "homebrew twang" of kits from a bygone age.

🤞it carbonates ok, the cheap and cheerful crown capper had it's issues.

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Citra is one of the most popular hop varieties in the world and it is continuing to gain popularity in IPA's, pale ales, and many other types of ales. Citra hops are a dual-purpose hop that have many of the properties of a strong aroma variety and a strong bittering variety as well. The strong aroma properties come from the oils in the hop, giving it citrus, tangy, and fruity flavors. The strong bittering properties come from the alpha acids and beta acids in the hops. This makes it a great all-purpose hop for bittering and aroma. Because of this dual purpose, you rarely see Citra used at high rates in the brewing process.

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