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Local to Liverpool suppliers of charcoal & smoking wood chunks


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Hello everyone, I've just secured my first Weber kettle (getting delivered on Friday) after many weeks spent drooling over YouTube videos. Now that I've got the BBQ sorted i need to find some fuel. I'm wanting to start with a bag of good quality lump wood charcoal and a variety of wood chunks for smoking. I've looked online and found a local supplier for the charcoal, which is boss as I'm all for supporting local buisness, but I'm at a loss regarding the wood. I'm really eager to cook over the weekend, preferaby on Friday, but sadly don't get paid until Friday. So, if there is someone local who would do a same day delivery or next day that would be ideal as it's gonna be difficult waiting until next week for an online order.

Thanks in advance for any help! :)

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Thank you Carlos, the thought of doing that had completely escaped by mind, will have a google and get on the phone. I will report back here if i get lucky.

Hey Joe, I'm a complete novice in this regard but from what I have seen online you're aiming for wood with a moitsure level of about 20% (referencing mad scientist BBQ & Harry Soo on youtube).

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Did you manage to find any suppliers of smoking wood chunks?


I'm also in the Liverpool area (Widnes) and haven't managed to find anyone local.


Dobbies in Speke are OK as they stock most of the Weber stuff, so at least I have got somewhere local for briquettes

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On 2/17/2021 at 10:09 AM, Carlos said:

I can’t see a higher moisture content being a problem. Some people soak there chips before hand. They probably last a longer burn like that?

They'll last longer but wont combust until the water is driven off, bit of a waste of time soaking them.

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I would think that you'll get lots of nasty flavours from burning green wood. The wood will emit a lot of moisture that will make a tar-like substance. It's one of the main reasons why you must dry wood before burning it in an open fire/wood burner...it ends up coating the chimney in creosote.

I personally wouldn't bother trying to source decent cherry/oak from a tree surgeon, having to split it and then having to dry it for months. Just pick some up off Amazon or similar....there's load of decent suppliers of good quality chunks that are UK sourced. Plus, you also get to experiment with different flavours such as mesquite. My new favourite is olive wood...as hard as iron and really slow burning. Lovely flavour from it too.

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