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Remembering the good days


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I know the news is nothing but grim and understandably why. And the possibility of this lockdown lasting until Easter, and then the thought of the millions who have lost their jobs and the thousands/millions who still will. 
I thought, enough of that. How about people look back at their best cooks either at a Tailgate or at home. 
I enjoyed meeting up with Justin and Raptor a couple of years ago (can’t believe that was 2 years ago already). I also look back to going Sweden six years ago for a wedding and befriending the bride’s brother-in-law who sat talking to me and BBQ and low and slow, it was probably the moment that I really got into it.

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Oh I have so many good memories and am still happy now, look for the good everyday. Work and homebrew is keeping me busy,  czech pilsner and dogbolter kegged and cold conditioning at the moment, empty fermenters to be filled soon, Exe Valley Spring Beer going on this weekend or next to condition for march drinking. Pilsner is for a interclub competition  too.  Dude keep busty plenty going on that is happy. Considering what to put in 2nd fermenter presently... maybe a neipa. 


Oh and February is traditional  kebabs time to kick things off.  have the last pack of the smoked salmon in the fridge form when I cold smoked two sides last year before Christmas.  Thanks for the name check, yes that was good day.  Shame Anglia and South East tailgate is highly unlikely but I am holding out for one tailgate at least this yer to bring things back again. 


Also holding out for the Quiet Farms Judging course in Devon September but who knows, what ever happens I will find good things to experience and do.


Finally I am lending some cash on lendwithcare, and those  that are borrowing are paying back already which enables me to lend that to more.  It is good way of sharing.


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