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Asian Spices + Turkey


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Original plan today was bike ride + Schnitzel.  Snowstorm and forgot the breadcrumbs put paid to that. So what to do with 2 Turkey breast escalopes. I say Turkey but actually they call it Pute here and they say there's a difference but I don't see it.

Thought I'd experiment to see if some of the more pungent Indian spices would work their way into the flesh even with a light grilling..

I put a mild Asian rub together with Salt, White pepper, celery salt,Turmeric, Ginger powder, a pinch of Garam masala... a dab of butter to keep the meat moist.

I smoked them an hour at 100°C ( but it was -5 outside) for an hour with a foil basket of Cinnamon Bark and Star Anise.  Because Im in India a lot I can get plenty of these and had some back from the last trip.

I had no idea how this was going to turn out but when i put my head out of the door for a first look I was pleasantly surprised the aromas were filling the air....

I finished the Escalopes off with a v quick flash sear and let them rest for a few mins.

Result: I'm not sure 1 hour was long enough to really get the flavours through the meat and in any case the escalopes were relatively thin. Definitely there was the distinct Cinnamon taste and the pieces of bark had smouldered well. I was really after the Anis touch but that wasn't overly evident, perhaps next time Ill take the seeds out and just crush them a little to give them a start.

Not to be put off I'll try this with Duck Breast but the real goal is to create a N India dish with Beef Ribs , for that I need to perfect extracting the Anis taste.

Onward and forward.



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Thanks for the tip- looked it up and yes does seem a variation on where I want to go with Schnitzel...Hadn't considered doing this in the BBQ at all let alone Smokin it so FEELING INSPIRED , could be on the menu Friday....Red and White cabbage Coleslaw to go with - without the KFC calories.

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