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Crunchy Chicken (Smoker Fried Chicken)

Smokin Monkey

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Credits to John Gower from A Pollo Mission for the recipe.


8 Skinned and Boned Chicken Thighs.

Fry Light Oil

Dry Crust

140g Cornflakes 

10 Jacobs Crackers

75g Dried Onion (I used those Salad Sprinkle Onions)

30g Sesame Seeds 

2g Cayenne Pepper

2g Garlic Powder

Wet Drench

3 Egg Whites

250ml Natural Yoghurt 

10ml Mild Mustard

2g Salt

Set Smoker up for indirect cooking running between 175 – 185c (approx 350 – 370f) 

Blitz the Cornflakes, Crackers and Onions in a blender to achieve a rustic crumb, your not looking for a powder. And the remaining crust Ingridients and mix thoughly.

Mix all the Wet Drench Ingridients together.

Use either a tray of wire rack, dip the thighs into the Wet Drench the into the Dry Crust mix to cover.

Place on the rack or tray, they spray with Fry Light Oil.

Put into smoker and cook for 30-40 minutes until Chicken has an IT 75'C (165'F) and coating looks Crunchy.



















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They look good Steve. :thumb1:

I have recently seen a similar recipe that uses whole Oysters or crab cakes in place of the chicken. They are cooked at a slightly higher temperature though. You could probably even make a good vegetarian option using Halloumi cheese. 

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